New OECD Inequality Report: It’s about women’s rights!

May 21, 2015
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Commenting on the new OECD report released today – In It Together: Why Less Inequality Benefits All – Oxfam Canada Executive Director Julie Delahanty said:
“Today’s report is simply the latest evidence of the wrong choices made by governments in recent years. It is also another clear signpost on the path to a world with less – not more – inequality.
A key lesson from today’s OECD report on inequality is that more needs to be done to support women's rights, particularly in the labour market. The study shows that increases in women’s workforce participation, even at lower rates and with lower pay than men, has already had a massive impact on decreasing inequality. As the OECD says – investing in women can slow and even reverse the tide of inequality.
But, for women to have real access and opportunity to rise out of inequality – governments must invest in high quality public services, including a national child care plan and in supporting the rights of workers to a living wage. And governments must take meaningful action – now – on finally erasing the wage gap between men and women.
The OECD echoes Oxfam’s work on inequality – demonstrating that extreme inequality is not an inevitable result of market forces. It is, instead, the result of policy choices made by governments around the world, including right here in Canada.
In Canada, we are in a moment of heightened attention to important choices about the kind of society we live in and how (or if) we will make it less (or more) equal – for women and girls, for everyone. The analysis is there. The investment is waiting to be made by our leaders. Women and girls in particular have waited too long already.”

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