Naomi Klein among celebrities joining #eyesonParis climate campaign for Oxfam

November 5, 2015

Climate activist and best-selling Canadian author Naomi Klein is among those who have shared an eyes-only selfie on social media to tell world leaders they have their #eyesonParis for action on climate change.  

Klein said: “In Paris, we need leaders with the courage to steer us off the path of increased warming and poverty and towards a path of climate stability and greater equality. We are watching.” 

Oxfam is calling for a climate deal that meets the needs of the world’s poorest people – in particular rural women, many of whom are already going hungry because of climate change. Oxfam wants the talks in Paris, which take place from November 30 – December 11, to result in cuts to emissions, and more funds to help those most vulnerable adapt to the effects of climate change. Oxfam endorsed the Leap Manifesto in September, and has been standing with grassroots climate activists organizing in Canada and around the world.  

Oxfam Canada’s Executive Director Julie Delahanty said: “Oxfam is proud to stand with Naomi Klein and many others in calling for action in Paris. Canada has walked away from the global table on climate change – and this December our new Government has a historic chance to change that. Canada must take a bold position at COP that puts rural women – who often bear the brunt of drought and super storms – at the centre of the Paris deal.” 

Oxfam Global Ambassadors and other celebrities who are lining up with Oxfam and have their #eyesonParis include Angélique Kidjo, Baaba Maal, Miguel Bosé, Jamie Oliver, Simon Pegg, Naomie Harris and Vivienne Westwood. The public can also join the initiative, by taking a photo of their eyes and posting the image on social media with the hashtag #eyesonParis.  

Oxfam International's Executive Director Winnie Byanyima and an Oxfam delegation will be in Paris urging negotiators to take global action and support those communities that are least responsible for climate change, yet are the most vulnerable its effects.

Oxfam urges the new Government to act swiftly on climate change and prioritize the following at COP:  

  • Immediate scale up of support to women farmers – those hit hardest and most often by the impact of the changing climate.
  • A commitment from Canada to fulfill our fair share of the promised $100bn a year in international climate finance; to increase policy dialogue with women on the use of climate financing; and to scale up gender responsive climate finance projects.
  • A deal that has a collective goal to fairly phase-out all fossil fuel emissions and phase-in 100% renewable energy by mid-century, including Canada’s agreement to phase out coal production by 2030.


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