The Humanitarian Coalition Launches Joint Appeal for Syrian Refugees

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Today, the Humanitarian Coalition and its member agencies are launching a national joint appeal to raise funds to assist the 6.8 million Syrian civilians affected by the ongoing conflict in their country.

Almost five million civilians have been forced to leave their home and many have had to move repeatedly from one location to another inside Syria. Moreover, as many as 1.4 million people have fled to refugee camps in Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey, and Egypt. Every day, more than 7,000 more vulnerable individuals seek protection outside of Syria.

Whether they are internally displaced people (IDPs) or refugees, they all need emergency assistance with life's necessities. Our member agencies are on the ground responding, but resources are stretched more and more with every week that passes.

“When I met Syrian refugee families in Jordan last month, I saw how they were living in very precarious  and harsh conditions, with many feeling extreme pressure,” says Kevin McCort, President and CEO of CARE Canada. “At CARE, we are continuing to scale up our response to this humanitarian crisis, but with another million Syrian refugees forecasted in the next year, we urgently need financial support.”   

Our other member agencies are responding by providing clean water, food, clothing, medical assistance, and shelter. More than 3 million children are affected by the conflict. They require protection and their education should not be interrupted.

“For millions of Syrian children, the innocence of childhood has been replaced by the cruel realities of trying to survive war,” said Save the Children President and CEO, Patricia Erb. “While visiting refugee families in Lebanon, I saw firsthand their urgent needs for support. Through our work across Syria, and in neighbouring countries, we know that Syrian children, who should be learning at school and playing secure in their homes, are instead consumed with grief and trauma and focused on finding the necessities of life: shelter, food and water.”

Together, the Humanitarian Coalition, its member agencies are appealing to Canadians and asking them to contribute what they can to help the Syrian people. Because we know we can make a difference, we feel a responsibility to try. Please join us.

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The Humanitarian Coalition is a joint appeal mechanism. It is comprised of CARE Canada, Oxfam Canada, Oxfam-Québec, Plan Canada and Save the Children. With a combined presence in more than 120 countries, we bring together Canada's leading aid agencies to finance relief efforts in times of international humanitarian crises. We work together to eliminate unnecessary competition, reduce the duplication of fundraising costs, and inform the public on humanitarian needs. Follow us on Twitter and  Facebook.

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