Half a million suspected cholera cases in Yemen in just four months

August 14, 2017

In reaction to the announcement that more than 500,000 people are suspected of contracting cholera in Yemen, Katy Wright, Head of Advocacy, Oxfam said: 

“Yemen’s catastrophic cholera crisis is rewriting the miserable history of this disease. Our common humanity tells us that this massive crisis demands a massive response.”

“This is no accidental disaster, it is a man-made disaster driven by national and international politics. All those fighting and backing this war need to stop fuelling the madness and instead come to the peace table for the sake of ordinary families in Yemen. Too many people have died, too many have lost everything they owned, too many have seen their futures put on hold.”

“In backing this war with billions of dollars of arms sales and military support, the UK and the US are complicit in the suffering of millions of people in Yemen.” 

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