Haiti Earthquake – 5 years on reconstruction and challenges remain

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Haiti Earthquake – 5 years on reconstruction and challenges remain

Five years ago on 12 January, a powerful earthquake struck Haiti, killing more than 220,000 people, injuring more than 330,000 others and reducing great swaths of the city to rubble.

Thanks to the incredible outpouring of support from the public and governments around the word, Oxfam helped more than half a million survivors with a range of support that included clean water and sanitation services, shelter, and income-generating opportunities.

An Oxfam report, released today, highlights its work to help communities recover and Haitians to rebuild their lives.

Damien Berrendorf, Oxfam’s country director in Haiti, said: “Oxfam is committed to building a stronger, more resilient nation. In 2014 alone, we reached 594,310 Haitians and our mission is to make sure our programs, carried out in conjunction with civil society organizations and the Haitian government are as collaborative and effective as possible. The government should resume efforts to decentralize power and resources so that vital services can reach Haiti’s most vulnerable citizens. At the same time, donors, must deliver on their commitments to the Haitian people and support its leaders to tackle the economic and social inequalities that continue to plague the country’s development.”

Ann Witteveen, Oxfam Canada’s Humanitarian Manager, said: “Canadians were extremely generous with their support to the people of Haiti in the immediate aftermath of the earthquake. But full recovery from such a devastating crisis is still elusive for many. While much has been accomplished over the last five years, Oxfam will continue to work with our partners to help build sustainable livelihoods and resilience to future disasters.”

A copy of the report can be found here: //www.oxfam.ca/our-work/publications/haiti-progress-report

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