G7 neglecting plight of the poor

June 8, 2015
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The G7 countries have made a stuttering start on climate change but have largely neglected the plight of people living in poverty, said Oxfam at the close of the annual leaders’ summit in Germany today.
Jorn Kalinski, Oxfam’s G7 spokesperson said:
“G7 leaders have indicated that fossil fuels are on their way out.  However commitments made in the lead up to the crucial climate conference in Paris remain weak. They must also reassure developing countries that they will keep their promise to deliver $100 billion by 2020 for climate action in developing countries, and provide the additional predictable funding needed in the longer term.
“G7 leaders are not delivering any real change for more than one billion people who live in poverty. They are offering largely unfunded initiatives to tackle the global challenges of hunger, inequality, and disease. This is a slap in the face for millions of people who don’t have enough to eat or who can’t afford to pay for vital healthcare.   
“Fortunately, G7 leaders will have opportunities to make amends for their lackluster performance in Germany. They can start next month by attending the Finance for Development Summit in Addis and make long overdue changes to the global tax system. They can also make real headway in delivering on decades old aid promises.  These two measures would help pay for the Sustainable Development Goals”.
Oxfam Canada Executive Director Julie Delahanty added, “the G7 leaders briefly – and inadequately – addressed the reality of women and girls in their meeting. But they missed the opportunity to deal boldly with the fact that it is women and girls who disproportionately suffer the consequences of growing inequality and the impacts of climate change. While some progress has been on women’s rights and gender equality, much, much more needs to be done – now – for meaningful change to be realized and sustained.”

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