GROW: A campaign to transform our food system

GROW is Oxfam's campaign for better ways to feed the world while protecting the planet's resources. This means investing in women's lives and capacities. It means building a sustainable food system. And it means caring for precious shared resources. 

Almost 900 million of us go to bed hungry every night, the majority women and girls. This is not because there isn’t enough food, but because of deep imbalances in opportunity and control of resources.

If women had equal access to resources and decision-making, they could help reduce world hunger, lower child malnutrition and raise the incomes of rural people. 

The food system is broken. But together we can fix it.

Growing a better future

Oxfam's report  Growing a Better Future calls on governments, companies and individuals to rethink how food is produced, consumed and shared. Our research clearly outlines how the food system is broken, but it also calls for solutions.

Learn more about the issues and solutions to growing a better future.

The issues


Globally, an area more than double the size of British Columbia has been sold off in the last decade, in the rush for land.  Big land grabs are forcing hardworking families from their homes, jobs and food.


Women do much of the farming, fishing and herding that puts food on the table for millions. But if they were given equal access to land, resources and opportunities, their production could really soar.

Climate Chnage

Although women farmers in poor countries contribute little to greenhouse gas emissions, they already being hardest hit by climate change.


Food Prices

Women and girls, who already represent over 60% of those going hungry throughout the world, tend to be disproportionately affected by rising food prices because of deep-rooted gender discrimination.

The solutions

GROW Better

We need to make sure women farmers in developing countries gain equal access to the land, seeds, equipment, credit and training.

Share Better

There is enough food for everyone,  but we need to stop turning food into fuel, rein in food speculation and invest in small-scale sustainable farming.

Live Better

We can build a shared prosperity. We need to make practical changes in what we consume and how our businesses and economies operate. 


Help ensure everyone has enough to eat, always, by joining the global food conversation.