Stop Land Grabs

In February 2013, Oxfam campaigners across the world "grabbed" famous landmarks, to raise awareness about the impact of land grabs.

Oxfam ambassadors Coldplay followed up by donating an incredible acoustic version of their track "In My Place" for a new video that focuses on the injustices of land grabs.

Check out the information below for more information about land grabs.

More information

 Download Oxfam Canada's one-pager:
Top Facts You Need to Know About the Global Land Rush


Stop Land Grabs Brochure
Print and fold this brochure for hand-out at events.

Stop Land Grabs poster Land Grabs Poster
Print out this poster and use it to draw attention to your event.

 Follow @oxfamcanada on Twitter and ask @WorldBank to put a hold on land deals.


Note: Oxfam's Global petition on Land grabs has concluded. You can still ask the World Bank to put a hold on land deals. Post on Twitter @WorldBank.




Why we’re doing this

Imagine if a place you love in your local area was taken from you and sold off. No warnings. No compensation. And nothing you could do about it. You’d be outraged. You’d call it an injustice. But this is the reality for thousands of families across Africa and beyond.

Right now, companies are buying up huge areas of land across the world. The trouble is, too often these deals lead to land grabs – which force farmers from their land and homes, and leave them with no way to grow food or earn a living.



Read about Oxfam's Global Day of Action in the Land Grabs Day of Action backgrounder.

Download the Land Grabs Day of Action “Sold” sign.


Did you know?

In just ten years, land deals have been done on an area the size of Italy. That amount of land could produce enough food to feed millions of people, every year.