When Emergencies Don’t Make the Headlines

Oxfam's Emergency Response Fund

Oxfam's Emergency Response Fund

Our Emergency Response Fund (ERF) enables Oxfam to provide quick and effective responses to emergency situations wherever and whenever the need is greatest. Assistance shouldn’t be dependent on media coverage.

Your gift to Oxfam's Emergency Response Fund will go directly towards our emergency work, present and future. With your help, we can:

  • Locate the communities hit hardest and launch relief operations immediately.
  • Strengthen the Gender in Emergencies capacity of partners and responders.
  • Reach survivors and help provide the tools they need, like food, cash, and access to clean water and safe sanitation-–even when disasters don't grab headlines and inspire an outpouring of donations.
  • Provide support to smaller underfunded emergencies.

Your generous donation to Oxfam will help us to deliver emergency services where they are needed most.

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