Oxfam Canada. Photo: Anne Toralles Leite

Oxfam is committed to walk that path, determined to rebuild the trust of our supporters, our partners and the people we work with, never losing sight of our mission to end global poverty by supporting women’s rights.


Executive Director Julie Delahanty answers donor and supporter questions about Oxfam's work.

Oxfam Canada

As an organization fighting for women's rights here and around the world, we stand with the women and girls who experienced this exploitation. 

Women learning how to repair a borehole, Malawi.

Last year, Malawi suffered extreme drought as a result of climate change and El Nino. When the government called on the international community for help, Oxfam responded with a borehole rehabilitation project that increased access to clean water and helped increase food production in local...

Photo of women in Bangladesh. Credit: Goutham Jho

The #MeToo campaign is empowering survivors across the globe to share their stories.  But in many countries, women and girls still can’t speak out or access justice. 

Laila in Bangladesh

Laila, who is pregnant with two young children, describes the treacherous journey from Myanmar to Bangladesh.


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