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Ending global poverty begins with women’s rights
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Sonya Sangster

Sonya Sangster

by Oxfam | May 17, 2010

As a global citizen, I have always felt compelled to help people who are in need, whether locally or internationally. We are so fortunate to have everything that we do in Canada with regards to public services(education, health care, sanitation, and water), social systems, political and food security (relatively speaking!) and infrastructure. I think it is a moral obligation for us who are so privileged to help those who are not; we are all humans after all, and we have the unique opportunity to make choices and make a difference.

I have been volunteering as a coordinator in the For All Public Service Campaignin Vancouver for about a year now.So far with Oxfam I have primarily focused on educating the public, and hosting public awareness activities, such as public events for World Water Day, film screenings of documentaries on the privatization of the worlds water (Dead in the Water), climate change and the world food crisis (Sisters of the Planet).We haveset upbooths to promote the campaign at just about every festival and event in Vancouver.

I love that I am always learning. It is so rewarding to not only learn everyday I am with Oxfam, but also to educate others. I have been happily pushed at times out of my comfort zone to learn about so many topics with regards to world issues — thefood crisis, lack of public services, international government policy, fair trade issues, climate change, woman’s rights and HIV/AIDS, arms and gun control, and disaster relief. I have also developed my public speaking skills, learned about the day to day running of an NGO, how to organize people and delegate to get tasks done, how to engage media and organize events.

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