About Oxfam


Oxfam Canada stands in solidarity with women and men around the world, helping them with the tools and intangibles that empower them to become leaders in their communities. Our programs are designed to strengthen skills so that women and men are able to enjoy their rights, live lives of dignity and pursue dreams and goals. We work in Africa, the Americas and Asia. In South Africa, Indonesia, Cuba and Mozambique, we work with farmers, helping them gain rights to land and property and ensuring they have the training and tools needed to make their fields viable.

We work with women factory workers in places like Nicaragua and Guatemala, helping shield them from harassment and ensuring they are treated fairly in their work. We work with women the world over, from Pakistan to El Salvador, helping them promote harmony in their homes and keep themselves safe from violence or harm.

In Canada, Oxfam works from coast-to-coast campaigning on development issues and advocating for the kind of systemic change that allows development to take place. This includes lobbying for greater funding, more efficient spending and better government policies.

In times of crisis, such as the devastating earthquake in Haiti, Oxfam works with partners and affiliates around the globe to coordinate a response that specializes in emergency water and sanitation. We also work with women.s groups to help provide a response that focuses on promoting the skills of women survivors.

Oxfam Canada is a member of Oxfam International, a federation of 14 autonomous non-governmental organizations. Together we tackle the root causes of poverty, social injustice and inequality.

Founded in 1963, Oxfam Canada supports community programs that develop leadership, self-reliance and active citizenship.

To find out more about Oxfam Canada, visit our website at www.oxfam.ca