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Ending global poverty begins with women’s rights


Tax dodging and the global race to the bottom on taxation are driving the inequality crisis and cost governments billions of dollars every year, undermining their ability to provide essential public services, which are particularly important for women.

The changes Oxfam wants to see:
  1. The federal government should continue to implement the 2019 Gender Budgeting Act.
  2. The federal government should commission an independent review of the tax system to find a better balance between personal and corporate income taxes, close inefficient tax loopholes, identify regressive income tax measures that hurt women and others living on low incomes, and allocate the tax burden according to the principles of ability and fairness.
  3. The federal government should increase its revenues by raising the corporate tax rate back to 21% and cracking down on tax loopholes, aggressive tax avoidance and tax evasion by the wealthy and corporations.


Questions for candidates in your riding:
  1. If your party forms the next government, how will you use the tax system to reduce inequality?
  2. Is your party committed to doing gender budgeting?
  3. Is your party open to increasing the corporate income tax rate?
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