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Ending global poverty begins with women’s rights

Climate Change & Extractives

Climate scientists have issued a dire warning: the world has only 12 years to avert runaway climate change, and women are at the forefront of providing solutions and adapting to changes.

The changes Oxfam wants to see:
  1. The federal government should set new and more ambitious national commitments for greenhouse gas reductions, and enforce carbon pricing in all provinces.
  2. The federal government should increase the amount of Canadian international aid it dedicates to helping poor countries and vulnerable groups adapt to the effects of climate change.
  3. The federal government should eliminate fossil fuel subsidies and stop using public funds to support oil and gas companies, and hold those accused of violating human rights accountable.


Questions to ask candidates in your riding:
  1. If your party forms the next government, what steps will you take to transition to a low-carbon economy? Will you keep the price on carbon?
  2. If your party forms the next government, will you increase Canadian international aid to help developing countries adapt to climate change?
  3. If your party forms the next government, will you stop subsidizing the fossil fuel industry and instead invest in green energy?
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