Hurricane Matthew

Hundreds of people have lost their lives in the wake of powerful Hurricane Matthew that slammed into the Caribbean. Oxfam is providing critical aid to survivors.
Cite Soleil, a slum in Port-au-Prince that houses thousands of Haitians, hours before Hurricane Matthew is expected to hit, in Haiti, 03 October 2016. Cite Soleil is right by the ocean and has multiple canals that are already filled with garbage.

Short Changed

Make work paid, equal and valued for women. Sign the petition.


Women are subsidizing the global economy with labour that is cheap, undervalued and often even free. It’s time for Canada to turn feminist words into actions - starting with the next Federal Budget.     ... more
Food, shelter and clean water are needed urgently by people in southern Haiti following the destruction caused by Hurricane Matthew last week. The international community must act immediately to mitigate the loss of entire harvests and to counter any possible spikes of cholera.     ... more



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Shortchanged: make work paid, equal and valued for women.
Addressing the unequal economics of women’s work is essential to closing the gap in earnings and opportunities between women and men, and between rich and poor. With a feminist Prime Minister and a government committed to inclusive growth, Canada is well placed to    ... more
Take the High Road: Time for a Federal Budget that Fights Inequality
The Federal Budget 2017 is a perfect opportunity for Canada to cement its leadership on fighting gender and economic inequality by allocating money to areas that have proven to advance women's rights and equal opportunities.    ... more
To mark its 20th anniversary, artists from India to Nigeria revamped the Spice Girls’ world-famous Wannabe video. What they “really really want” this time around is an end to violence against women. I really really want that too.     ... more