Syrian refugee crisis

Millions of refugees have now fled violence in Syria and are in desperate need of shelter, food and water. Over half of them are children.

Ebola: How Oxfam and its partners are responding

Oxfam and its partners in the Humanitarian Coalition are working to stop the transmission of the Ebola virus in Liberia, Sierra Leone and other West African countries through the delivery of effective, evidence based, outbreak control measures.
Ebola Crisis

Food Companies Race to the Summit

Next week Oxfam meets with the leaders of the top ten food and beverage companies, just 24 hours after the UN's Climate Summit in New York. It's a key moment. Climate change is the single biggest threat to winning the fight against hunger, and food companies haven’t been doing enough to tackle it.
Behind the Brands

7 million need urgent help in South Sudan

In South Sudan, over 7 million people are at risk of food insecurity and over 4 million people in need of humanitarian aid. Please help us provide urgently needed food, water and sanitation now and prevent this crisis turning into a catastrophe.


Seven more states have ratified the Arms Trade Treaty – bringing the total to over 50 and triggering the countdown to entry into force.    ... more
"Some positive signals were sent, but too many of the commitments made lack vital details or are recycled. No government should leave New York thinking the job is done.”     ... more


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Resilience in Times of Food Insecurity
Risks and vulnerability to disasters have a fundamental gender dimension. The international community should recognize women’s organizations as valued partners that can bring unique perspectives to resilience policy and practice.    ... more
Typhoon Haiyan aftermath
Oxfam commissioned researchers from the University of Oxford to examine the impact of four major climate-related disasters on food security.    ... more
Climate Change
In the five years since global leaders met in Copenhagen to discuss climate change, a lot has changed, and too much has stayed the same. Climate change is no longer just coming. It’s here already.    ... more