Crisis in South Sudan

South Sudan is currently Africa’s worst crisis with nearly 4 million – a third of the country’s population - at risk of severe hunger and an aid effort that has only so far reached half of those in need.

Feed people, fight climate change!

Climate change is the single biggest threat to winning the fight against hunger – yet the “Big 10” food and beverage companies are both highly vulnerable to climate change and major contributors to the problem.

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Transformative Leadership for Women’s Rights

Understanding how leadership can create sustainable change that promotes women’s rights and gender equality.


Women won’t be paid as much as men for another 75 years. That’s according to a new report released by Oxfam, which urges G20 leaders to tackle gender inequality when they meet in Australia later this year.    ... more
The new BRICS development bank must support the reduction of inequality and foster sustainable development, instead of repeating traditional development financing.    ... more
The past few days have been the deadliest yet in Gaza, with civilians including women and children making up the vast majority of casualties, and on average a child being killed every hour in Gaza. Rockets also continue    ... more


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Rusiani and her son Habil in their shop in their shop in rural Indonesia (2010). Access to low interest loans for small businesses is difficult, particularly for women. Photo: Suzi O'Keefe/Oxfam
The G20’s growth ambitions cannot be realised without policies addressing systemic discrimination and economic exclusion of women. In Canada, progress in women's labour force participation has slowed to a halt over the past two decades.     ... more
1.5 million people have been displaced by this conflict. Almost 100,000 have sought shelter in UN bases like this one in Bor. Photo: Kieran Doherty/Oxfam
South Sudan has been independent for three years. But in the past seven months, the sense of unity that brought its people together in 2011 has been lost, pushing 1.5 million from their homes and forcing many to live in appalling conditions.    ... more
You girl in Gaza watches as water bottles are filled.
The current escalation of violence in Gaza is causing more human suffering and casualties. Oxfam condemns all violence against civilians, both Israeli military actions and Palestinian rocket fire. Oxfam and partners in Gaza are trying to respond to the mounting    ... more