Live Below The Line

If you only had $1.75 to spend today, what would you buy? 1.2 billion people living in extreme poverty ask themselves this question every single day – the majority of them women and girls. Take the Challenge: Live Below the Line April 27 to May 1, 2015
Live Below The Line

Stand Up for Women's Rights

You can speak up for women's rights. Call on party leaders to participate in a federal election debate focused on women and girls. Sign the petition today!
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Even It Up

Left unchecked, extreme inequality will reverse progress in the fight against poverty and deepen gender discrimination. It's time to Even It Up! Join people around the world calling on their governments to step up and take action to end extreme inequality and support women’s rights.
Slum next to luxury apartments. São Paulo, Brazil. Photo: Tuca Vieira

SharePlan: Give Monthly

When you join Shareplan, you join Canadians from coast to coast to coast taking a stand against inequality and injustice. Working with our community partners – from Zimbabwe to Cuba and right here at home – Oxfam is raising our voice as we call, together, for a more fair, just and sustainable world.
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The number of people in need of assistance in Syria and surrounding countries is increasing dramatically, while funding is not keeping up. Oxfam has calculated that nearly half of the world’s top donors didn’t give    ... more
Marking the first anniversary of the outbreak, Oxfam said that technical solutions – more beds, more medical workers, more medicines - while vital were never going to be enough to tackle the outbreak. The agency    ... more


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Hygiene Kit Distribution, Vanuatu
One of the worst cyclones ever seen in the Pacific region hit Vanuatu on March 13th causing widespread devastation. Oxfam is on the ground providing life-saving assistance.    ... more
Noor, Syrian refugee
Noor fled the war in Syria with her husband and two children. She has set up a school in a Syrian refugee settlement, offering free classes to children. 66% of the Syrian refugee children in Lebanon do not go to school, a reality that worries Noor.    ... more
Hygiene Promotion In Schools, Democratic Republic of Congo.  Photo: Eleanor Farmer
Women’s leadership is critical in efforts to address the mounting challenge of rising disasters around the world. Women are often disproportionately affected by disasters, due to gender inequality and discrimination. Oxfam advocates for women’s leadership in    ... more