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Ending global poverty begins with women’s rights


If you are approached by someone in an Oxfam t-shirt or vest, talking animatedly about ending global poverty, you have likely met one of our face-to-face canvassers!

What is Face to Face

Whether it's door-to-door or on the street, face-to-face canvassing is one of the most effective ways Oxfam engages people around ending global poverty. Over the last five years, these young, passionate individuals have been responsible for over 70% of new givers to Oxfam globally.

Our canvassers have one-on-one conversations about our programs and their impact with the people they meet, inviting them to support our work with a monthly gift.

Our face-to-face campaigns are carried out by a professional agency partners. We teach their canvassers about our history, values and programs to make sure they are knowledgeable representatives of Oxfam Canada. We take pride in the knowledge, enthusiasm and quality of our fundraisers.

How do I know the fundraisers are legitimate?

Fundraisers for Oxfam Canada will wear a prominently displayed name tag and have a good knowledge about Oxfam programs. Fundraisers will wear a black or green vest identified with Oxfam Canada’s logo and will also carry materials about our work.

Our canvassers are committed to recruiting supporters who wish to support Oxfam through a monthly donation. However, while door-to-door canvassers can accept single donations, they are not allowed to accept cash.

Where are we now?

Our face-to-face canvassers are currently visiting neighbourhoods in Ottawa, Toronto and Vancouver.

If you’ve met one of our face to face canvassers in your neighbourhood and would like to make a donation to Oxfam, please click here.

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