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What is An Oxfam Unwrapped Wedding List?

It's just like any other wedding registry! Simply register to create a list, and search through our inventory of unique and vital gifts. You also have the option of receiving or printing at home fifty notification cards from Oxfam Canada to slot into your wedding invitations and let your guests know about the exciting gifts you've chosen.

You can select any quantity of whichever gifts you like, and we also encourage you to include the Gift of Peace, for which guests can make a gift of any amount. You'll also have the option to go back in and add more items at any time!

You'll receive a card from each guest who has purchased an Oxfam Unwrapped gift for your special day, and a few weeks after the big day, we'll be able to send you a list detailing which items were bought and by whom, making the thank-you process as easy as possible!

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Are your friends or family celebrating their big day this year by registering with Oxfam Unwrapped?

An Oxfam Unwrapped wedding registry works just like any other wedding registry, but our range of unique gifts create a lasting difference in the lives of others. Simply search for the happy couple's list online or click on the link they have sent you, purchase whatever gift you like, and they'll receive a lovely card that you can personalize, describing the gift you selected for them, while the gift and proceeds generated go to those who need it most.

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Other Wedding Ideas!

Oxfam Unwrapped gifts are a fantastic way to thank your bridal party, parents, and friends who have helped out for the big day. Additionally, consider Oxfam Unwrapped for your wedding favours. Each table of guests can receive a different gift! There's always the Gift of Peace as well.

Feeling inspired? For more information on all of the ways that you can include Oxfam Canada into your wedding day, please click here: