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Your Oxfam Wedding Stories

Sara and Alan - April 9, 2011

When my husband and I decided to get married last fall we wanted to do something different to celebrate. We decided to have a very simple wedding at a small art gallery in Vancouver with our families and all of our best friends, and it turned out to a lively, amazing party. One of the goals for the wedding was to keep it sustainable and not overly excessive or lavish, so we decided that instead of receiving gifts we would ask people to donate to a charity of our choice. We decided on Oxfam Canada for several reasons. One is that we really respect the fundamental goals of Oxfam in promoting sustainable economies and public health in developing countries and also that we could develop a wish list of items that our guests could choose from. The wish list was an overwhelming success; our guests really enjoyed selecting items like goats, which were very popular, in addition to tools and supplies, and we were able to raise over $5000 from the 100 guests that attended the wedding. Donating to Oxfam allowed us, our friends and our families to celebrate the special day by making a meaningful contribution toward improving the health and welfare of people in need.

Sara and Alan
Credit: Buse/Wainwright family

Michelle and Kevin - September 18, 2011

I always knew I would incorporate Oxfam into my wedding day so the Oxfam wedding registry and wedding favours were the perfect way to go. We chose our favourite items from the Unwrapped catalogue, and our friends and family chose items from our list that they really liked or connected with. We heard from many guests who were so happy we incorporated a charitable element into our day. And instead of traditional wedding favours, we made a donation to Oxfam and had wedding favour cards on everyones place letting them know we had made a gift in their honour. It meant so much to us to be able to share our wedding day with those around the world who are less fortunate. We are very blessed and lucky to have all that we do, and wanted to ensure we could use this occasion to help others as well.

Michelle and Kevin
Credit: Storey Wilkins

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