Thank you for Supporting Up For Debate

Help put women's issues front and centre in Canada and abroad
Help put women's issues front and centre in Canada and abroad

The Up for Debate campaign called on all political parties to commit to a federal leaders’ debate on issues identified by women – the first in 30 years. When leaders wouldn’t come to the table, Up For Debate went to Plan B and pushed for one on one exclusive interviews with each leader on the issues – and thanks to you and all the others who spoke up - we made that  happen.
It was a huge victory to get leaders to sit down at the table – now we need your help to make sure Canadians hear what they had to say.

UPDATE: Despite noble intentions and some important steps in the right direction, the bold feminist rhetoric from the current Liberal government has not yet translated into meaningful policy and spending decisions, says a new scorecard and report from Oxfam Canada.

In the lead up to International Women’s Day in 2017, Oxfam Canada published its first annual "Feminist Scorecard", tracking government action to deliver on a feminist agenda, both at home and abroad.

The scorecard reviews actions taken and progress made since November 2015 on eight policy and spending categories that affect the lives of women in Canada, and world-wide. They include: representation, taxation, climate & natural resources, violence against women, care work, global development, jobs, and response to conflict & crises. Scores are reflected on a stoplight range (red, yellow and green) where the Liberal government has either made very little, some, or significant progress.