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Would you buy your mother a goat for Mother’s Day?

by Oxfam | May 9, 2012


This post was originally published on Canadian Living on May 9, 2012
Between choices of flowers and chocolate boxes, spa gift certificates and dinners at home, there are endless ways to show our moms just how much we care about them on Mother’s Day. However, I was recently made aware of a wonderful program through Oxfam Canada, where you can give your loved ones gifts that keep on giving, long after their special day has passed.
Oxfam Unwrapped is a program that lets you purchase gifts for your friends or loved ones, that go to people in the developing world. For example, you can purchase a goat through the Unwrapped program (in your mother’s name, for instance), and it will go to a mother in Asia, Africa or Latin America. She will then use the goat to help her family get nourishment, and quite possibly become more self-sufficient.
The gifts vary in cost — a chicken costs $15 and a donkey is priced at $120 — but the benefits make all the difference in the lives of so many people in various parts of the world. A gift from the Unwrapped program is literally a gift that keeps on giving.
Some additional perks of the program?
  • Oxfam handles your delivery
  • You get to see your gift in action
  • You can choose your gift based on interests and budgets
So this year for Mother’s Day, think globally, and give your mom a gift that crosses boundaries and makes a lasting impact on the lives of people around our planet. Visit for all the details.