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Ending global poverty begins with women’s rights
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Today is International Human Rights Day – Help Oxfam Canada End Violence Against Women and Girls

by Oxfam | December 10, 2012

Violence against women and girls affects us all – it ruins lives, weakens communities and is a violation of human rights. 

December 10 is International Human Rights Day, a day that also marks the culmination of 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence. Since November 25, activists around the world have united in the fight against gender-based violence, raising awareness and putting pressure on Governments to deliver on their commitments. 

Resources are shrinking but the need for quick and concrete solutions to gender based violence is bigger than ever. At a time when many donors are pulling back from their commitments, it is critical that Oxfam Canada make every effort to continue it’s fundraising in support of women’s movements around the world. 

Speaking up for Women’s Rights Around the World: Inspiring Stories from Our Partners

In Nicaragua 69 women have been killed this year, a tragedy especially given the fact that 13 of them had filed complaints to denounce they were facing violence. Thousands of women took to the streets in Managua on November 25 to demand an end to impunity for violence against women. 

In Zimbabwe Oxfam Canada partners participated in a pivotal conference on Sexual Violence Against Women and Girls, bringing together key stakeholders to discuss the impact on women of conflict and sexual violence, to share emerging legal strategies and other tools and to generate support from decision makers for increased accountability to women survivors of violence.

In South Africa on December 2nd Oxfam partner Women on Farms Project (WFP) provided 300 women with a “safe space” to reflect on their experiences and formulate women-specific demands for negotiations with government and farmers. With a dire shortage of shelters and their access to housing mediated through a male worker, many women farm workers are often forced to remain in abusive relationships because they are dependent on a man for a roof over their heads. 

Credit: Centro Martin Luther King

In Cuba Oxfam supported the Martin Luther King Center to use the 16 days of activism to educate community groups on violence against women and sensitize individuals on the need to take action in different spaces such as the family, the workplace, and the community.

Lend your voice with a gift that helps women speak up in their communities!

Oxfam Unwrapped allows you to give a life-changing gift. It’s very simple: you select an item, a card is delivered to your friend, family, colleague or client, and the gift goes to those who need it most. 

A gift of training on gender-based violence will help women and men appreciate the importance of women's rights and their roles as leaders, citizens and breadwinners. When women's rights are respected, women become healthier, better educated and better paid. Their children thrive and so do their communities!