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Ending global poverty begins with women’s rights
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Oxfam Canada Trailwalker and Team Wylde About Health

by Oxfam | July 6, 2012

This post was written by Bryce Wylde, alternative medicine expert, clinician, television host, educator, author and philanthropist. Bryce and Team Wylde About Health want to complete Oxfam Canada Trailwalker in 24 hours or less and raise $20,000 for Oxfam.

"The end of poverty begins with women’s rights. Oxfam works with partner organizations in developing countries to tackle the root causes of poverty and in turn, the organization creates self-reliant and sustainable communities. But to do that, Oxfam and I need your help."

Like other Oxfam Trailwalkers around the world, teams of four commit to not only raising funds, but also hiking a grueling 100 km in 48 hours or less. Teams must start and finish the hike together. I am so excited that the Wylde About Health team consists of my good friend and Marilyn Denis Show fitness expert Brent Bishop, Luke Cattet, and Richard Holloway (an amazing story of a blind man who is leading the way!). We aim to do it in HALF THE TIME! But, Team Wylde About Health is aware that the most important part of all of this is the Oxfam cause."

Follow along with Bryce as he takes a Tour of Canada to raise money and awareness for Oxfam Canada.