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Ending global poverty begins with women’s rights
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by Oxfam | July 9, 2011

Leaving Addis Ababa and traveling south I could feel the weight of the urban giant recede as we moved into beautiful rolling plains, the density of people and concrete giving way to grasslands.  Replacing the chaos of Addis traffic were Asian-derived Bajaj buggies and horse drawn carts.  Donkeys toiled along the roadsides bearing their burdens of grain or water, their masters often beating them with straps cut from rubber tires, for no obvious reason other than to say “your best just isn’t good enough.”

In mid-May our evaluation team from Oxfam Canada headed out to the community of over 4000 people known as Tebbo.  Our team included two staff members from the Coady Institute (Brianne Peters and Alison Mathie), two staff from Oxfam Canada (including myself and Solomon Legese), one external evaluator from South Africa (Ninette Eliasov), and our driver and logistics manager (Solomon Sisay).  (I was officially know as Sol for the duration of the evaluation to avoid the confusion with the two other Solomons that were present)
Solomon Henson was a volunteer intern with Oxfam Canada in Ethiopia. He travelled to Ethiopian communities to document the impact of the Asset-based Community Development program (ABCD). Since 2003, Oxfam has worked with the Coady International Institute of the St-Francis Xavier University (Nova Scotia), and local partners in the ABCD program.

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