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Ending global poverty begins with women’s rights
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by Oxfam | February 7, 2013


Signal Hill in St. John’s. Parliament in Ottawa. The CN Tower in Toronto. SOLD! Can you imagine if this really happened?

Selling these national treasures would be a scandal. Now imagine it was your house, your school or your community that was under threat. For too many people living in poverty, this is reality.

Oxfam estimates that nearly 33 million hectares of land in poor countries has been acquired by foreign investors since 2000. Women around the world depend on a significant portion of this land to collect water, graze animals and grow food for survival.

What are we doing about it?

Back in October, Oxfam launched a campaign targeting the World Bank. The Bank funds many large land deals and has a strong influence on how land is bought and sold around the world. This means it has the power to help stop land grabs.

As the movement gathers support, Oxfam campaigners from across Canada and around the globe are 'selling' our favourite landmarks, beauty spots, towns and villages to draw attention to this shocking situation.

How you can help:

Thousands of you have already asked the World Bank to freeze its investments in land while it sets a fair standard for others to follow – but we're still waiting for action. That’s why Canada needs to take a leading role in telling the World Bank to stop land grabs. As our representative at the World Bank, the Minister of Finance has the power to ensure Canada is seen as an ally to those living in poverty.

Act now to send a message to the federal Minister of Finance:  

You can learn more on Oxfam’s Day of Action page  Spread the word on twitter @OxfamCanada and on Facebook at Oxfam Canada.