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Ending global poverty begins with women’s rights
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Walking the Talk on Women’s Rights: Summary Report of the Oxfam Canada Gender Audit

by Luna Allison | May 11, 2010

In adopting its Strategic Plan for 2007, Walking the Talk on Women's Rights, Oxfam Canada made the commitment to focus our efforts on empowering women and ending inequality between and among women and men, girls and boys.

To transform power relationsOpens a new window, we need to address attitudes and behaviour, norms and culture. And this applies to our internal dynamics as well as those of the communities and organizations with which we work in partnership and solidarity.

For these reasons, Oxfam Canada, which has funded gender audits of partners, decided we should undertake our own audit to assess where we are and guide us to where we want to be. The findings show we are building on strength but there is much we can and must do.

As we move forward to apply the lessons learned, we hope our experience inspires other organizations committed to gender justice.

Robert Fox
Executive Director


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