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Oxfam Canada’s “Sustainable Livelihoods and Agriculture Program” in Mozambique

Oxfam Canada’s “Sustainable Livelihoods and Agriculture Program” in Mozambique

by freeform | March 5, 2012

Goal: To improve the livelihoods of thousands of women and men who rely on agriculture as their main source of living in four rural districts of central Mozambique.

Background: The districts along the Zambezi Valley in Mozambique are extremely vulnerable to natural disasters such as flood and drought. Some of the communities are particularly isolated. HIV is alarmingly prevalent in the region. In some of the communities social and cultural subordination of women is entrenched.

Partners: Support went to seven local partners who worked with 148 farmer and community groups containing 3,222 members, equally divided between men and women. The partners: União Nacional de Camponeses (UNAC), Magariro, Mozambican Association for Rural Development (AMODER), Organização da Mulher Educadora do SIDA (OMES), Southern African AIDS Information Dissemination Service (SAfAIDS), Fórum Mulher, and Women and Law in Southern Africa (WLSA). 

What we achieved: 

  • Strengthened smallholder farmers and community groups; 
  • Improved horticultural techniques and other productive activities;
  • Established adult functional literacy courses; 
  • Built HIV/AIDS prevention and increased awareness; 
  • Promoted civic participation and gender equality.

Key to success:

A different model of development was used, moving away from the distribution of goods and assets to poor communities, toward a system that focused on supporting the capacities and strengths of organizations and providing the people with new skills, knowledge, and confidence.

Oxfam Canada managed and coordinated the program.

The Budget: $6.5 million 

Canadian International Development Agency $6 million (2005-2011)
Canadian Auto Workers Social Justice Fund $200,000 (2005-2008)
Oxfam Great Britain $300,000 (2005-2007)
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