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Oxfam Canada Annual Report 2011

by Luna Allison | December 15, 2011

In our long-term development work, our humanitarian action and our advocacy and campaigning, increasing accountability is central to our understanding of how change happens.

Supporting and strengthening organizations that promote active citizenship and creative, courageous leadership is the core of our work. And we are proud to report our partners think we are very good at it.

This past year Oxfam Canada became the first Canadian development agency and the first Oxfam to commission an independent, confidential survey of our partners that gives feedback on the quality of our work and relationships. Using an innovative approach pioneered by Keystone Accountability, this study benchmarks our performance against leading NGOs in the UK and US. Oxfam Canada received the highest mark to date for “overall value added” and we scored amongst the highest in “overall satisfaction”.


Oxfam Canada Annual Report 2011

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