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Meeting Humanitarian Needs In Sri Lanka

by Luna Allison | May 11, 2010

Oxfam’s response to the recent displacement in Sri Lanka – August 2006

The humanitarian situation in the north and east of the country continues to draw attention of the aid agencies. While a few displaced families have returned to their homes, thousands of displaced families are still in camps in Trincomalee, Kilinochchi, Batticaloa and Jaffna districts.

Oxfam has expanded its operations in the north and east to meet the needs of more displaced families. Along with its partners, Oxfam is working in coordination with the government and other aid agencies to provide water, sanitation and public health.

Besides these, Oxfam’s focus is also on protection of women in the camps. Recognising the vulnerability of women in the camps, the issues concerning them have been mainstreamed into every aspect of Oxfam’s response. While it is ensured that women’s needs and concerns are addressed by setting up water tanks closer to the camps and providing well-lit and covered bathing and toilet facilities to them, women’s groups have been set up in the camps to raise their issues and resolve them through the camp managements. The non-food relief items distributed in the camps contained commodities needed by women.

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