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Ending global poverty begins with women’s rights
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Eve Ensler’s remarks to the All-Party Parliamentary Group

by Luna Allison | May 11, 2010

practices in the current civil war in the Democratic Republic of Congo were
highlighted as the worst violence towards women in the world. The strategy of
rape as a weapon of war has been prolonging the war for over 12 years. Eve
Ensler and Stephen Lewis, at the event co-sponsored by Oxfam Canada, urged for Canadian
leadership to end the conflict and the heinous violence against women.

have a reputation for fairness and generosity around the world. You are blessed
with a huge supply of international good will that would allow you to be bold
and take the lead here. It can be your legacy to inspire and provoke the world
community to put an end to the worst femicide and genocide of the last ten
years, said Ensler. ‘When I returned from my first trip there nearly 2 years
ago, I was shattered. I had crossed over to another zone in my psyche. I am not
sure I will ever get back.

is happening in the DRC is the worst violence towards women in the world. If it
continues to go unchecked, unstopped, if there continues to be complete
impunity it sets a precedent, a standard, it expands the boundaries of what now
becomes permissible to do to women’s bodies in the name of exploitation and greed
everywhere, ‘ Ensler continued.

her closing remarks, Eve spoke plainly and passionately to the audience, ‘I
know that the good citizens of the world—those that are informed—care about the
women of the Congo. In the last months I have witnessed thousands
of real people who have mobilized raising money, educating themselves,
educating their communities, about the horrors that endure. But where are the
powers that be? I ask you, the Canadian
government, lead the world. Take action. Make this your mission.

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