Southern Africa partners

A list of Oxfam Canada's partners in Southern Africa, and a description of their work.

We work with a number of partner organizations in Southern Africa. They are:

  • Sister Namibia
    Dedicated to developing a new feminist politics and consciousness in Namibia.
  • Agenda Feminist Media
    Committed to giving women a forum, a voice and skills to articulate their needs and interests to transform unequal gender relations.
  • The Nisaa Institute for Women’s Development
    Promotes women’s and children’s rights through counseling, shelter services, awareness, training and partnerships.
  • The Rape Crisis Cape Town Trust
    Has a vision of a South African criminal justice system that supports and empowers rape survivors in all of its interventions.
  • Khanya College
    Assists working class and poor communities to respond to the challenges of globalization.
  • Women on Farms Project
    Strengthens the capacity of women who live and work on farms to claim their rights and fulfill their needs.
  • Forum Mulher
    Promotes equality, justice and greater power for women in Mozambique.
  • Women and Law in Southern Africa Research and Education Trust
    Works to improve the socio – economic, political and legal advancement of women through action research.
  • The Matabeleland AIDS Council
    Builds the capacities of communities in Matebeland, Zimbabwe to respond to the impact of HIV & AIDS.
  • The Musasa Project
    Works to empower women through constitutional reform in Zimbabwe.
  • Southern Africa HIV/AIDS Information Dissemination Service
    Promotes effective and ethical development responses to sexual reproductive health and Rights, HIV and TB through advocacy, communication and social mobilisation.
  • The Triangle Project
    Works to eradicate discrimination against and within the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex community.
  • Justice and Women
    Educates communities about women’s rights and helps to improve women’s access to justice relating to rape, domestic violence, child maintenance and civil matters.
  • Sex Workers Education and Advocacy Taskforce
    Seeks to decrease the incidence of HIV infection and STDs among sex workers in Cape Town through advocacy, education, counseling and support.
  • Sexual Rights Centre
    Seeks to advance the sexual rights of vulnerable and marginalized women, children and men in Zimbabwe.
    Facilitates the empowerment of women in the anti-privatization forum and other social movements.