Oxfam in Zimbabwe

 Oxfam's work in Zimbabwe

Community-based training in communication and safer sex

Social practices and cultural traditions limit women's ability to negotiate safer sex or discuss reproductive health issues with their partners.

Bongi Sibanda - The Musasa Project, Zimbabwe

Bongi Sibanda from the Musasa Project explains how her organization is working with Oxfam Canada to empower women through constitutional reform in Zimbabwe.

This is What Change Looks Like

Changing social norms is one of the hardest things to do. Students, community leaders and traditional healers are working together. It's making a difference! Violence against women is decreasing in these communities. So is the rate of HIV infection.

Zimbabwe: young people on the front lines of HIV/AIDS

The program is run on a volunteer basis by young women and men offering services in the community like home-based care and assistance with funerals. It ensures  youth are involved in reducing the risk of HIV/AIDS.