Oxfam in Mozambique

Oxfam Canada's programs and partners in Mozambique.

Oxfam’s impact in Mozambique:
Supporting Sustainable and Resilient Communities

Oxfam helps communities and partners in Mozambique engage in a different model of development – recognizing their strengths and capacities, and supporting the development of new skills, knowledge and confidence.

Our aim in Mozambique is to:

  • Improve and sustain livelihoods;
  • Prevent and reduce the impact of disasters and improve people's ability to cope with disasters
  • Empower people so they can openly participate as social and politically active citizens and hold the government accountable for delivery of public services; and
  • Support women and men engaged in developing more equal gender relations.

The Human Face of Change:
Sustainable Livelihoods and Agriculture Program

In 2005, the Canadian International Development Agency financed Oxfam Canada and partners to implement the Sustainable Livelihoods and Agriculture Program (SLAP) in Mozambique – a six year program that sought to improve the livelihoods of rural communities by building their human and social capital, and encouraging active citizenship.

Mozambique Success Stories

  • 'My life improved a lot': a success story
    Maria Deniasse, her husband and two children were totally dependent on their harvest. “And when there was a bad harvest, we were very badly off,” she says. Maria now sells surplus beans, cassava and other produce from her family’s four fields and earns a monthly salary teaching adult literacy.
  • The grain bank of Nhacafula: a success story
    The creation of a grain bank in the town of Nhacafula put an end to the exhausting ‘hungry season’ for Azélia Bengala. Every year, while waiting for the next harvest to ripen, Azélia’s family suffered hunger. 
  • People now know that domestic violence is a crime: a success story
    José Mário Machango has been a police officer since December 2005. His willingness to help others motivated him to participate in extra training on issues related to HIV/AIDS, youth in conflict and domestic violence.

Learning the Law

In Mozambique, the passage of a new Family Law has the potential to provide greater protection and recognition of women in the family structure. Read Learning ther Law