Southern Africa

Oxfam Canada works to improve infrastructure, health and education and encourages leadership and self-sufficiency in women.

Where we work

Oxfam Canada currently runs programs in Mozambique, South Africa, Namibia, and Zimbabwe.

Southern Africa

Why Southern Africa?

Although factors vary from country to country, Southern African nations face common challenges such as political instability, gender based violence, droughts, population growth, environmental degradation and a recent increase in HIV/AIDS.

Our Approach

Oxfam Canada works with partners in Southern Africa to increase women’s economic participation and leadership – especially in promoting and defending their rights to live free from violence.

In regions affected by natural disasters, our humanitarian relief efforts are on going, with support to small-farmer organizations and communities to improve their resiliency and food security.

HIV/AIDS and Gender are crosscutting issues for all programs in the region, and Oxfam Canada is leading gender equality initiatives in several countries.

Our Partners

Click here to see a full list of Oxfam’s partners in Southern Africa.