Southeast Asia

Oxfam’s featured project in Southeast Asia is Restoring Coastal Livelihoods. Operating over five years (2010-2015), the project is designed to improve economic security and women’s rights in 60 villages on the west coast of South Sulawesi province, Indonesia.

Why Southeast Asia?

The region is prone to man-made and natural disasters of all sizes. Despite democratization, decentralization and economic growth over the last decade, development remains highly uneven, and women in particular have poor access to basic services, natural resources, and economic and political opportunities.

Our Approach

Oxfam aims to strengthen the ecological and economic resilience of communities while stimulating the growth of small enterprise and helping women secure a voice in local development.

Sixty economic groups have been organized through the project implemented by Oxfam with two local partner organizations. One partner is the non-profit, non-government Mangrove Action Project. The other is Yayasan Konservasi Laut  or Marine Conservation Foundation. They collaborate with local government, private enterprise, aquaculture and agriculture teachers and specialists.

Our Partners