South Asia

Oxfam Canada currently runs programs in Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

Why South Asia?

South Asia is politically, geographically, and economically diverse, with increasing opportunities for growth but also substantial challenges – in disaster recovery and preparedness, violence against women, education, and water supply and access.

Our Approach

  • Work with local partners to give women the confidence, tools and training they need to be self-sufficient and economically empowered;
  • Help communities integrate gender equality in rehabilitation and reconstruction processes following natural disasters;
  • Increase the capacity of communities, local organizations and government to provide effective services for those affected by gender-based violence; and
  • Support local partners to build more resilient, self-sufficient and sustainable communities.

Our Partners


Sri Lanka:

  • Sewalanka Foundation
  • Sarvodaya
  • SWOAD (Social Welfare Organisation Ampara District): Offers micro-finance loans and helps improve water access, sanitation, education, and capacity building in gender.  
  • FORED: Involved in micro-finance programs and long-term development
  • AWF: Provides training on gender, women’s rights and reproductive health to marginalized and minority groups in rural area