ABCD has changed the lives of women in Ethiopia

Three powerful videos which explain how ABCD has changed the lives of women in Ethiopia.


Working on what was her husband's farm in Ethiopia, Kibnesh experienced the traditional gender roles which separate women from participation in their family's farming efforts. She was responsible for domestic duties, while her husband had exclusive control over the operation of their farm. At the time they slept in a leaky hut, and faced food shortages that threatened their family. Today they live in much larger and better constructed house and their farm produces enough food to allow them to save money. Kibnesh credits this change in fortune to the approach of “asset-based community development” (ABCD) used by Oxfam Canada and its partner KMG. Hear this remarkable story from Kibnesh herself.



The “asset-based community development” (ABCD) used by Oxfam Canada and its partner KMG has helped Marta support her community in becoming more productive and successful in incorporating the strengths and voices of women. Marta has become an example of success in her community, serving as a model for other women who seek to improve their own livelihoods as well as their home and family lives. Learn more about Marta and her community work through this short video.



After Abenet was invited to attend the Oxfam Canada managed asset-based community development (ABCD) workshops in her area, she became aware of the many ways in which she and her family could make better use of the resources and energy they had at their disposal. She learned how to save resources and money, and was able to supplement her income by keeping chickens and selling eggs, following Oxfam-funded animal husbandry training. Hear more from Abenet about the changes that the ABCD program approach has helped produce.