Oxfam in Ethiopia

“I feel that now society recognizes me as a human being and for what I can do and achieve as a woman. It is a big change and dignifying for me, but also my daughters and for the other women within the community.” 

Momina Anota, 33-year-old mother of seven, inspired by her involvement in Oxfam’s Engendering Change program.

Success Stories

ABCD Community Development

  • So many changes: A success story
    “We used to hold coffee ceremonies three times a day. We reduced this to once a day to save money.” Khoree Dhosa on the impact of women’s self-help literacy and savings groups established by Oxfam Canada’s Ethiopian partner organization HUNDEE through the Engendering Change program to reduce gender inequality.
  • Onions and a leaky bucket: A success story
    Gathered together under the shade of a big leafy tree, a group of men and women listen attentively to Rupiya Avenqee present the results of a “leaky bucket” exercise by members of her community economic group in Adami Tullu, Ethiopia.
  • Forests and fires: a success story
    “Before, everyone would run to their own homes when there was a fire . . . Now they understand that they can prevent these fires.” One of Oxfam’s key roles in the Benishangul Gumuz Food Security and Economic Growth project in Ethiopia is to train local communities to reduce the risk of disaster and to prepare to protect their livelihoods when natural or man-made disaster strikes.


Engendering Change


ABCD:  Local empowerment in Ethiopia

Communities are mobilized to identify and build their resources, strengths and abilities in Asset-based Community Development.


Unwrapped in Ethiopia

Oxfam Canada’s Unwrapped gift program supports small livestock projects that focus on women and promote self-sufficiency through local partner organizations in Ethiopia.


Benishangul Gumuz Food Security and Economic Growth Project


Oxfam Canada is working to break the cycle of rural poverty in a region of Ethiopia where most families depend on subsistence farming and many face annual food shortages. Oxfam is in a unique partnership of six Canadian NGOs, the International Network for Bamboo and Rattan and the Government of Ethiopia to implement the Benishangul Gumuz Food Security and Economic Growth Project.

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Putting Smallholder Producers at the Centre of the Value Chain

Borana, Ethiopia

Amaro, Ethiopia

Abine, Ethiopia