Horn and East Africa

Oxfam works with partners in East Africa and the Horn to reduce poverty and champion equality.

Where We Work




Oxfam implements projects with partners in Ethiopia and Tanzania, as well as regional initiatives with organizations and networks throughout the Horn and East Africa.



Why the Horn and East Africa?

The Horn and East Africa has seen some progress in reducing poverty and increasing the welfare of its largely rural, agricultural-based population over the past decade, however it remains a region of low-income. Food insecurity, environmental degradation and gender inequality are major challenges for the region.

Cultural norms, traditions and practices continue to impede women’s equality – they have less access to land and resources, have fewer economic and educational opportunities, and face considerable risks of gender-based violence.

Our Approach

Oxfam partners work with local organizations to build their capacity to address systemic issues of poverty, inequality and land rights, and become champions of gender equality and women’s rights.

Oxfam's initiatives focus on:

  • Supporting women's economic empowerment
  • Boosting food security and livelihoods
  • Providing education to women and girls
  • Stopping violence against women
  • Promoting leadership and active citizenship

Our Partners

Regional organizations