Nicaragua: Rights for women workers

Oxfam partner The Maria Elana Cuadra Movement of Working and Unemployed Women (MEC)

In Nicaragua, the Maria Elena Cuadra Movement of Delia Soza is a textile worker in Las Mercedes Free Trade Zone and a member of MEC. She explains," the workshops I attended through MEC helped us in our professional lives and also in our personal lives. Photo: Mark Bushnell/OxfamWorking and Unemployed Women (MEC) lobbied and mobilized support to ensure the National Employment Policy was rooted in a gender perspective, recognizing and legitimizing the needs and rights of women workers. 

MEC produced a documentary on women's contribution to the economy. They also carried out campaigns on labour rights and occupational health and safety including the broadcast of 5,000 radio spots, 2,000 ads on television and 3,800 ads in local movie theatres.

40,000 pocket manuals on labour rights were distributed to workers around the country.