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Success Stories

  • Growing a Family’s Future in Nicaragua
    Gloria lives and works on a small farm two hours away from Managua, Nicaragua, with her husband Pedro, her seven children, 30 grandchildren and 25 great grandchildren. Recurrent droughts and flash floods used to mean low and unpredictable yields. But thanks to Oxfam and local FENACOOP, Gloria is now harvesting a surplus. Read the full story in Oxfam's 2012 Annual Report.
  • Moving from a history of poverty and hunger in Nicaragua into something transformational
    Silvia has something many women in Nicaragua want: title to the land she works.Because she owns land she can get a loan and working capital. With those two things— and a great deal of hard work and the help of a nephew—she's been able to go from feeding her family to supplying produce to supermarkets in the capital. Read more
  • Rosas’s Story
    Thank to the support of local partner FENACOOP and Oxfam Canada, Rosa Idalia Reyes’ cooperative in Nueva Guinea, Nicaragua, has become autonomous and continues to fight for women’s interests. More and more women know that they have right to land, credit, technical training and to participate in a cooperative. Read the full story in Oxfam's 2012 Annual Report.