Oxfam in Cuba

Longtime Oxfam partner the National Association of Small Farmers (ANAP) helps women food producers become leaders in their communities.

Oxfam’s impact in Cuba: Building sustainable and equitable communities

Oxfam has been working in Cuba since 1993 with local partners to support equitable and sustainable development. We work together with local communities to improve food security, to strengthen disaster prevention, to increase local participation in development initiatives, and to build gender equality.

Engendering Change in Cuba

Engendering Change is a five-year Oxfam program co-funded with the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) to build the capacity of local partner organizations to advance women’s rights. Since 2009 the program has helped partner organizations in Cuba fight violence against women and increase women’s participation in agricultural cooperatives and their access to much needed resources.

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Confident in the Future

It took Reyna Ramirez Escalona and her twin daughters Liudmila and Liutwitza a year to clear their land and plant crops. Their hard work is starting to pay off, for her family and the community, where  her leadership is appreciated.



From devastation to sustainability and resilience

Oxfam has helped rehabilitate 78 cooperatives destroyed by hurricanes Ike and Paloma – introducing new sustainable methods of production, increasing availability of fresh meat and dairy products for local consumption, and building the resilience of local communities to natural disasters.



How a simple fence can lead to a better life

Forty-year-old Gloria, a mother of three, was able to expand her chicken coop with a fence she received through Oxfam’s Engendering Change program. She also received a much needed irrigation system and grows beans, fruits and vegetables. Not only has her income increased, her family’s diet has  improved considerably.


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