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Read about the impact your donation has made on women’s rights and global poverty alleviation. 

Oxfam Canada relies on your financial support to fund its important programs around the world. Our donor newsletter demonstrates the impact your donations have and how you've made a difference in our global movement to end poverty and injustice. 

Julie Delahanty, Executive Director, Oxfam Canada"Thank you for your continued support of Oxfam Canada’s work.

At Oxfam we’ve witnessed so many inspiring results from our programs and partnerships across the globe. I’m thrilled to share some of the good news with you, because you are so vital to building lasting solutions to poverty and injustice.

As you read, each article will illustrate just how important it is to continue empowering women and giving them control over their lives to win the fight against poverty. Your support is a ray of hope in our world! Thank you for helping Oxfam reach millions of people across 97 countries!"

– Julie Delahanty, Executive Director, Oxfam Canada

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