Oxfam Canada gets top marks from partners

Oxfam Canada works with southern partners to fight poverty and injustice. Our partners include women’s organizations, agricultural cooperatives, service providers and community networks.

Partners say we are a leader in women's rights and highly value our approach.

We asked our southern partners to assess our performance as part of our commitment to continuous improvement and effectiveness. The results are in:  Oxfam Canada gets top marks for partner satisfaction and for being a leader in women’s rights.

Partners say we are a leader in women's rights

  • Our partners give us top marks for making a major contribution to work on women’s rights and gender equality

Partners highly value our approach

  • Oxfam Canada rates at the top for overall partner satisfaction
  • Our partners highly value our approach to building relationships, communication, understanding, learning and capacity-building
  • Our partners overwhelmingly characterize Oxfam Canada as a supportive and respectful partner

About the Survey

Oxfam Canada is the first Canadian non-governmental organization and first among Oxfam’s around the world to participate in a social accountability survey conducted by a highly respected and independent survey firm.  The survey is an example of our commitment to effective development, a culture of learning and accountability.

The survey was:

  • Undertaken by Keystone Accountability, a highly respected and independent survey firm
  • Conducted in a completely confidential manner
  • Benchmarked in reference to other international non-governmental organizations that have carried out the survey with their partner organizations

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Some comments from partner organizations

  • "The capacity building is extremely useful as it addresses gaps among partners. Keep up the good work…Consider supporting exchange visits among your partners."
  • "Oxfam Canada is the only funder we have that truly thinks about their strategies and their work from a gendered perspective and we really value their commitment to this."
  • "Oxfam Canada's approach is flexible, as they do not impose agendas on us as a partner, they do not micro-manage us or interfere with our program agendas."



Oxfam Canada Recognized by CCIC
for Innovative Best Practice in Transparency and Accountability