Gender Justice

Oxfam Canada is committed to working for a world free of poverty and injustice. We know that gender is the most persistent predictor of poverty and powerlessness in our world today. This is why we believe that ending global poverty begins with women's rights.

Oxfam's gender justice policy sets out an exciting agenda for change. It builds on our longstanding commitment to put women's rights and gender equality at the centre of all the work we do with our partners and allies, in our programs, and in our own organization.

Gender Justice: This is what Oxfam Canada is doing

Why it Matters

The research is clear: when women exercise their rights there is a positive impact on everything from food security and the environment to peace-building and good governance. Because women and men experience poverty in different ways, successful strategies to end poverty must reflect and respond to these differences.

Discrimination against women from heinous forms of violence to unequal access to land or public services constitute the most widespread and systemic forms of human rights violations around the world. All of us, women and girls, men and boys, have a stake in gender justice. Changing women's position in the world means changing the world for the better, a goal we all share.

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In this video, Aymara Pineda describes the work of Puntos de Encuentro, an Oxfam partner organization which uses media to support the Nicaraguan women's movement. The Puntos agency is provides information and organization support to approximately a thousand feminist organizations in the country. With their help, the women’s movement is able to more effectively campaign for women’s rights in Nicaragua.