Gender Justice Summit 2010

The weekend before the 2010 G8/G20 meetings, we had a dynamic gathering of Oxfam supporters, academics, advocates, researchers, policy-makers, and activists from around the world.



Every three years, Oxfam members join together from across Canada to meet with Oxfam program partners from around the world and discuss our role in the global movement for change.

Our 2010 gathering took place in Toronto the weekend before the G8/G20 meetings, and was a dynamic gathering of Oxfam members - volunteers, donors, academics, advocates and activists from around the world – as we explored the themes of gender based violence, maternal health, poverty, security, climate change, and food security.

On the first day, participants engaged in an interactive session on Oxfam Canada's advocacy work towards the G8/G20 as part of the At The Table campaign and dialogue with Oxfam's Board of Directors about the organization's successes, challenges and strategic directions. Friday night, in partnership with The People's Summit, was an evening of guest speakers on local/global issues, hosted by Mary Walsh. The evening ended with a dynamic performance by feminist hiphop hero Eternia.


For the following next two days, participants had the opportunity to hear Oxfam's international program partners from Africa and Latin America discuss their work on the themes of gender based violence, humanitarian response, maternal health, climate change, and food security in plenary discussions, dialogue circles and workshops.

On the Saturday evening, participants were invited to a special Oxfam Canada 'Spirit of Change' awards celebration followed by performances by the legendary Lillian Allen, amazing D'bi Young and hyper-energetic Nomadic Massive.

On Sunday, the program explored the movement for social justice and women's rights in Canada, making the connection to the global movement that Oxfam is part of building.

Photos from the weekend can be seen here.

The Gender Justice Summit was energizing! The many voices, thoughts and ideas that came together to share stories and wisdom was revitalizing. We hope you enjoy this mini-documentary of the weekend- and thanks to everyone who participated!