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South Asia Earthquake: Oxfam aid reaching those in need

South Asia Earthquake: Oxfam aid reaching those in need

May 10, 2010

An Oxfam aid flight containing 600 Oxfam thermal tents and 19,000 blankets brought by the charity Islamic Relief have arrived at Islamabad airport, with another 200 thermal tents expected to arrive soon.

Oxfam will be distributing blankets, tents and plastic sheeting in Pakistan-administrated Kashmir while the co-coordinating office in Islamabad works on securing transport for more aid distribution in the coming hours and days.

A second aid flight carrying water tanks, blankets and winter clothing for thousands of children is also en route. It will also carry 49 tons of much needed supplies for thousands of people made homeless by the earthquake.

Key items on the flight include:

  • Water tanks, pumps, pipes, testing kits and purification equipment to supply clean drinking water to thousands of people
  • Winter clothes for 5,000 children
  • 1,000 square meters of tarpaulin for constructing temporary shelters
  • 30,000 blankets

"Aid is now getting through to many areas but we still have massive logistical challenges to overcome," Oxfam aid worker Shaista Aziz said from Islamabad. "Providing access to shelter and warm clothing is vital to prevent the death toll from rising. As winter comes, the blankets and children’s winter clothing on this flight will help keep thousands of people warm.

"We have already started aid distribution in many areas with more trucks on the road to the most remote areas. We are doing everything we can to turn the stream of aid already getting through into a steady flow."

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