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Ending global poverty begins with women’s rights
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Smoke and Mirrors Won’t Save Lives

Smoke and Mirrors Won’t Save Lives

June 25, 2010

In anticipation of an announcement on maternal and child health, Oxfam spokesperson Mark Fried made the following statement:

“With total G8 aid flat lining, any ‘new’ money for maternal health will have to be taken from vital areas such as education and food. Unless aid increases, African children will be paying for their mothers’ healthcare by sacrificing their education.”

“The G8 is trying to quietly shelve their promise to deliver $50 billion in extra aid by this year. Leaders must not be allowed to shirk their responsibility to the world’s poor.”

“This year, the headline is maternal health, last year it was food, every year we get a new G8 initiative. But with overall aid frozen, they are just moving money around. The only promise that counts is the Gleneagles one to increase aid by $50 billion by 2010, and that is the one they are desperate not to mention, since they are $20 billion short.”

Dorothy Ngoma, Executive Director of the National Organization of Nurses and Midwives of Malawi, added:

“As a mid-wife, I believe it is crucial to invest in the health of mothers, but I also know the importance of food on the table and clean water to drink. No one should be forced to choose between these. New promises won’t do much good if old ones are ignored.”

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