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UN Security Council “paper ceasefire” must lead to real end of hostilities, Oxfam says

May 10, 2010

The UN’s ‘paper ceasefire’ must immediately lead to a real ceasefire that ends the bloodshed, Oxfam said after the Security Council voted for an end to hostilities.

"There can be no more foot dragging, no more hesitation, no more delay — the lives of countless civilians rely on the Security Council members’ decisive action to ensure the guns fall silent today," said Oxfam spokesperson Nicola Reindorp.

"There must be no detours on the road to peace, no escape clauses or further delays, the fighting should stop now."

Oxfam is responding to the crisis with partner organizations in Lebanon, Gaza and Northern Israel.

Across Lebanon, we are working with Oxfam partners to help thousands of displaced people currently living in schools or camps. Our partners are providing clean water, safe sanitation, food parcels, medicines, first aid kits, hygiene packs and kitchen equipment.

In Gaza, we are providing water pipes and generators to provide safe water supplies to thousands of people. In Northern Israel we are providing a telephone hotline for information, advice and support.

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