Oxfam releases spoof video highlighting land grabs in poor nations

Oxfam releases an online parody of Alec Baldwin’s sales talk in the cult classic movie Glengarry Glen Ross.

September 8, 2011

Oxfam's online film, Glen, Garry & Ross, comes weeks before the international agency launches, as part of their GROW campaign, a major new report on land deals and the impact they are having on poor people around the world. A new demand for land has seen swathes being sold, leased or licensed over the past decade in a drive to produce enough food for people miles away, meet botched biofuels targets and speculate on land to make an easy profit. Many of the deals are in fact land grabs in which those who live or make a living from that land are not consulted, treated fairly or properly compensated.

Land grabs are having a devastating impact on the lives of poor and marginalized people. People lose their homes and the land which they rely on to grow enough food to eat and make a living. The scene depicted from Glengarry Glen Ross shows the moment when workers from a real estate firm meet a representative from head office sent to motivate them to sell and buy land regardless of the consequences, or lose their jobs.

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