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Ending global poverty begins with women’s rights

Oxfam pays tribute to Egypt’s civil society

Oxfam pays tribute to Egypt’s civil society

February 12, 2011

“Egypt’s revolution inspires us and reminds us of the incredible strength of the voice of ordinary people seeking freedom and justice, united through non-violent resistance," said Catherine Essoyan, Regional Manager for Oxfam in the Middle East and Maghreb.

"We pay tribute to Egypt’s civil society organizations and human rights defenders, including our partner organizations, who have worked relentlessly for decades in pursuit of human rights and social justice, including women’s emancipation and workers’ rights. Many have paid a high price for their courageous work.

“As the Egyptian revolution moves into the next phase, it is imperative that harassment and obstruction of the work of civil society activists, human rights defenders and journalists, which occurred systematically in the past, is ended once and for all,” Essoyan said.

Oxfam calls upon the international community to seize this historic moment to provide support to the people of Egypt as they transition towards a system that embraces democracy, rule of law and human rights, respects diversity and addresses past wrongs, including human rights violations committed during the 18 days of protest.

Central to this process is moving toward economic justice, eliminating corruption, addressing poverty and marginalization. All Egyptians have the right to equal opportunities, including women, the young and unemployed.

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